ABOUT HR Racecar

     HR Racecar Products began like many other race shops, by building parts for our own race cars.  Then one day another racer asks if I would build something for them.  That is what happened in 1989, when Phillip Power of Comer, Ga asked us about back-halfing the '69 Chevelle that he and his brother Neal were racing at Atlanta Dragway.

At the time I was helping a friend, Todd Roper build a tube chassis for a Big Block, Blown, Chevette Street car project he was building for himself.    Todd agreed to help and a working shop was born.  After the Chevelle, more and more racers asked about work on their cars.  At the time, the only specialized tools we had were a tubing bender,  rear end narrowing jig, and a tig welder.   Lucky for us, these are three items that most local builders do not have.


     Todd and I both had full time jobs, so this was evenings and weekends.  Todd was running his own Street Rod shop, so after a full day of building and painting street rods, he would stop by my shop on his was home and work into the evening building race cars.   Our friend  Larry Strickland was also helping out when he was available.  Todd is the best sheet metal worker I have ever known and Larry is the best welder/fabricater/designer I have ever known.  Both were instrumental in building high quality cars from the very beginning.    If we could find a picture, or a design in our heads, we could make one out of metal.   This allowed us to build a custom part that fit the chassis instead of using a "one size fits all" part that many shops use.  We still build most of our own 4-link kits and torque arms today for this reason.  This has allowed us to put Torque arm rear suspensions on '55 Chevy Trucks, and 4-link suspensions under the stock floor boards of Chevy II's.


     Over the years I have had many talented people help me at our shop.  All brought unique talents and I hope I learned from all of them.   Larry Strickland, Todd Roper, Dave Hamilton, Tracy Simmons, Wesley Wynn, Terry Dalton,  Jacob Johnson, Darren Apperson,  Jacob Holliman, Bjorn Eigert, and Johnny Johnson to name a few.  Many started as customers and stayed to  use their talents on many other projects.


     After years of Roll Cages, Back-Halfs, Tube Chassis', Narrowed rears, Mini Tubs, Rear End Set Ups, 2 Magazine project builds, several magazine tech articles, Big tired Street Cars and Small tired Race cars, we continue to see new challenges on every build.  No two are ever the same. 


     We are still a small shop and only work on a couple of customer cars at the time.  If you would like a quality race car and have a reasonable schedule, give us a call.  If you need it right now,  we are probably not the shop for you.  We always say, "you can have it RIGHT, or you can have it RIGHT NOW." 


Thanks for reading, and good luck with your projects...............Toni